Fusing glass supplies, beadmaking, art glass and marbles.

Your source for glass fusing. Online instruction in glass fusing, bead making, marble making.


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We have instructions online on how to make fused glass, and how to make glass marbles. We offer classes at our location on fusing glass, bead making and marble making. 
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Fusing glass and beadmaking supplies.
We strive to provide information on how to make fused glass, how to make glass marbles, and technical information about the glass we carry and more.
Learn how to fuse glass online. In this project you'll learn to fuse a 4 inch tile.
In order to fuse glass you have to know at least some basic properties of the glass. You'll learn that and more.
We also have instructions on how to make a fused dichroic glass pendant.      
How to make marbles         
Learn how to make glass marbles online. In this project you'll learn how to make a basic glass marble using a map gas torch. (One that uses propane or brazing fuel), or a bench torch that uses propane and oxygen.  
These pages give you the tecnical information you'll need to fuse glass.
Visit our  downloads for free instructions and more.    
dicroic pendant instructions 
Click the pendant above to learn how to make a dichroic pendant. (.pdf)