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Art Glass 2 logo Handmade art glass marble Midnight Rose Garden
Marble Gallery
Art Glass Marble Gallery - Retired Designs
Other leafed styles
Gold and Silver Leaf style Marbles
Original handmade art glass marble, Alternating Current. Handmade glass marble Trailng Vine on Gold Leaf
This stunning marble has a transparent cranberry core wrapped in genuine gold leaf with a transparent emerald and yellow vine sprouting pink flowers and buds.
Available in sizes from 7/8ths inch to 1 1/4 inch.
From $40.00 and up.
Original handmade art glass marble Hearts and Flowers.
Corkscrew Marbles
Other Corkscrew styles
Corkscew style handmade glass marble Spaghetti Corkscrew Handmade glass marble 4 color corkscrew
Medium yellow, light blue, trasparent dark blue with a thread of dark blue aventurine (lutz), red, twisted around make up this corkscew marble. You can pick your 4 favorite colors! Type in 4 colors you like other wise you'll receive the standard colors. From $35.00 and up.
Handmade art glass marble, Auger Striped Core
Other Floral styles
Floral Style Marbles
Handmade glass marble Rose Garden Handmade glass marble Midnight Rose Garden
Charming pink roses meandering around the circumference of the marble on a twisted vine of green & yellow latticinio. Turquiose base cased in clear to give it a dimentioal look. From $35.00 and up.
Handmade glass marble Rose Vine on Turquoise Handmade art glass marble Rose Lweis and Clark Handmade art glass marble Many Roses Handmade glass marble Twin Peonys Handmade art glass marble Trailing Vine on Amethyst
Other Ribbon styles
Ribbon Style Marbles
Handmade marble Ribbon Twisties
Many muti-colored banded ribbons swirl around a clear core in this marble. Can be ordered in a transparent clear, aqua, pink or blue base. please specify in your message to me when ordering.
From $35.00 and up.
Handmade marble Many Ribbons Handmade marble Ribbon Curl
Stripes - Net Style Marbles
Other Stripe - Net styles
Handmade glass marble Pulled Feathers
The curved stripes on this marble are in four sections arcing downward hence the name "pulled feathers". The colors are medium blue, red, and dark yellow.
From $35.00 and up.
Handmade glass marble 3 color Net
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